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Creative Flow

Creative self-expression and contact improvisation

Sattva Art Therapy Institute has for 20 year educated art therapists in Tromso.

In March 2017, our education will move to Auskin Creative Center in North- Trondelag. On this occasion, we will celebrate 21 years of educating art therapists at Sattva Art Therapy Institute , by offering the course Creative Flow from 3rd - 6th August 2017 at our new premises.

The course is an exploration of contact improvisation in dialogue with creative expression. This is the first in a series of new open courses, where we invite external teachers to contribute to Sattva Art Therapy Institute; Dance, sexuality, body therapy, shibari, sand play, photography and film.

Our first teacher is Sarka Prikrylova. She will teach contact improvisation together with Kian, who teaches creative flow of paint and mindfullness, and Therese, who will teach bodily perception.

In Creative Flow we will examine focal points in and in-between people. What connects us with the world, and what does various forms of contact evoke in us? Where does individuality end and where does the collective begin. The teaching will take place in a fluid process between contact improvisation, meditation, body perception and painting.

We will examine how contact and confidence in creativity can be deepened in synergy between movement and painting. The course is process-oriented; the individual’s immediate experiences in the process - it is essential for us to find what we seek on a personal level, and a group as a whole.

Creative self-expression is based on art therapeutic methods. Aiming to investigate issues in our own psyche, through the use of creative, media such as audio / music, crayons, paints and such. The goal is to gain access to inherent resources, joy, inspiration and creativity.

Creative Flow is a self explorative laboratory where it is safe to explore unknown aspect of our own body, consciousness and psyche.

The course will be in English and Norwegian, translation possible if necessary.

On Contact Improvisation
I invite you to explore our own body and mind when in direct, physical contact with other body using contact improvisation (CI). Contact Improvisation is an improvised dance form that is based on communication between two moving bodies that are in a physical contact and their combined relationship to the physical laws that govern their motion; gravity, momentum and inertia. CI is like a moving massage that can massage all your layers; layer of a physical nature, emotional as well as spiritual. Altogether, we will look at various relationships in movement using experiential, creative and playful methods. We will create a spontaneous dialogs that range from stillness to highly energetic exchanges.
Not to forget three important actions we all can do:

To see and to be seen
To feel and to be felt
To move and to be moved.

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Sarka Prikrylova
is a Czech-born and Berlin-based bodyworker, yoga teacher, international retreat and workshop organizer and tantric therapist with experience of and a passion for body mechanics, movement, dance, martial art, conscious sexuality, and psychological play. She likes to inspire and share different perspectives of living life to people around her. She enjoys exploring limits at different intensities, both subtle and extreme.

Kian Sloth Falck
is teacher at Sattva Art Therapy Institute in process-oriented art therapy, meditation and dream work. Kian is inspired by C. G. Jungian psychology and works with the polarity of the psyche, such as the capability to favor opposite possibilities. Meditation Lessons is based on the instructions of the Danish teacher, Jes Bertelsen, and his own experiences, courses and retreats.

Therese Nin-ti Falck
Is teacher at Sattva Art Therapy Institute. Therese has taught process-oriented Jungian art therapy since 2003 and worked as a therapist for 25 years. Jungian art therapy and meditation has given her tools to develop confidence and freedom in life; a tool she desires to share. Therese enjoys supporting the human capacity to heal ourselves jointly, as such, she works primarily in and with groups.

Support Teacher and facilitator:

Mona Helene Sand
Graduated art therapist and teacher at Sattva Art Therapy Institute since 2008. Owner and manager of Auskin Creative Center. Mona has creativity as centrality in her life, as a wood carver, as artist and in communication with the unconsciousness through art and therapeutic work. AKS is founded on Mona´s desire to give people the opportunity to explore their creative potential.


Date: 3. - 6. August 2017
Auskin Kreative Senter - AKS,
Vukuveien 971, 7660 VUKU
, Norway

Early Bird Anniversary price: NOK 2200 ,-

Upon registration before March 1.

After March 1, the price will be NOK 2500, -

Max 26 seats.

Ongoing enrollment.

An invoice will be sent when a space is given and it will be confirmed when paid. When canceling later than 6 weeks before the course, the course fee minus an amount of 500, - will be returned. The fee is nonreturnable when canceling later than six weeks before the course.

Accommodation, NOK 1400, - in double and triple.
(Sheets can be hired, payable on arrival, NOK. 100, -)

Food NOK 900, - Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Total NOK: 4500/4800, -
Early Bird / after March 1

All participants are expected to help making breakfast and lunch as well as washing dishes one day. Vegetarian dinner is purchased ready-made.

Room and food are to be paid at least 8 weeks before the course. Invoices are sent from Auskin Creative Center. The payment is nonreturnable when canceling later than 6 weeks before the course.

Lesson time Thursday to Saturday.

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Sunday 10:00 to 1:00 p.m.

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AKS - Auskin Kreative Senter - Vukuveien 971. 7660 Vuku - Norge - Orgnr: 971 040 262 - Telefon: 911 74 987